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Kebab Connection

Year of release: 2005

Directed by: Anno Saul


Culture-clash comedy which centres on Bruce Lee fan and young Turkish hip-hopper Ibo, who lives in Hamburg and dreams of making the first-ever German kung-fu film. 

Such is the impact of Ibo's commercial that the business of the  Turkish kebab restaurant sky-rockets at the expense of the Greek taverna across that road. Ibo enjoys his success but then problems occur when his German girlfriend and aspiring actress Titzi tells him she is pregnant. Ibo's traditional Turkish father is at first opposed to a German-Turkish relationship and Ibo is not sure as to whether he is ready to commit. But in the end Ibo and Titzi form a happy family, Ibo supports his girlfriend's career as an actress by signalling that he is prepared to revise his Turkish views on gender roles and he is even given a chance to put his kung-fu talents to the test.

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Filed under: Fathers | Inter-ethnic romance | Mothers | Turkish German | Wedding / Marriage

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