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Dügün - The Wedding / Dügun - Die Heirat

Year of release: 1991

Directed by: Ismet Elci


In this film about the tragic consequences of arranged marriage, Metin, a young man of Kurdish origin is lured back from Germany, where he has found work and a blonde German girlfriend, to his native village in rural Anatolia, under the pretext that his mother is dying.

When, after a long and arduous journey, which makes visible the remoteness of Anatolia, Metin finally arrives at his parents’ home, he realizes that his father has arranged for him to get married to Aygül, a young woman from the neighbouring village. Metin’s attempts to resist his father’s plan are to no avail. He will have to marry Aygül or else be killed.

Internet Movie Database

Filed under: Patriarchy | Turkish German | Wedding / Marriage

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