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Bye Bye

Year of release: 1995

Directed by: Karim Dridi

France, Belgium, Switzerland

Ismael and Mouloud, two brothers of Maghrebi descent, make their way to Marseilles, from where the younger of the two is to be sent 'home' to his parents in North Africa.

Ismael, who while in Paris took care of 14-year-old  Mouloud and Nouredine, a disabled brother who died in a fire, feels responsible for  Nouredine's death and is haunted by dreams and memories of the accident. In Marseille, they stay with his aunt and uncle's family in a small apartment together with their three cousins. Ismael finds temporary work in the docks and befriends Jacky, a white man, working there who has a relationship with Yasmine, a young and beautiful woman of Maghrebi origin. Ismael betrays the friendship with Jacky by sleeping Yasmine. Meanwhile, the younger brother, Mouloud who does not want to be sent back to North Africa, is introduced by his cousin Rhida to drug dealers. In the end the brothers leave Marseille together and Ismael promises that he will not send Mouloud to North Africa and the film ends with the brothers' plan to travel to Spain together. 

Filed under: Coming of age | Crime | Journey | Maghrebi French

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