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Hidden / Caché

Year of release: 2005

Directed by: Michael Haneke

Literary talk-show host Georges Laurent, his wife Anne, a successful publisher, and their son Pierrot receive a number of video tapes which suggest that their home is under surveillance, from an anonymous sender. Mysterious drawings accompany these tapes. The alarmed Georges, though not letting his wife in on the secret, has an idea who the sender might be - and he tracks him down. 

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Outside the Law / Hors-la-loi

Year of release: 2010

Directed by: Rachid Bouchareb

Bouchareb's film tells the story of Algerian resistance against French colonial rule through the microcosm of a family, consisting of three brothers, Messaoud, Abdelkader, Saïd and their fragile old mother.  Tracing the colonial history and its effect upon the Algerian family between 1925, when the family is evicted from their land, and 1962, when Algeria achieved independence, the film's main focus is the period between 1955, when the family relocate to a shanty town in Nanterre and Abdelkader becomes one of the figureheads of the FLN. 

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Year of release: 2002

Directed by: Fatih Akin

Image for Solino

Gigi returns to Solino and marries Ada

Solino is the name of a small Italian town and the place where the film begins and ends. From here, the Amato family – consisting of father Romano, mother Rosa and their sons Gigi and Giancarlo – set off in search of a new and economically more prosperous life in Germany. The film essentially depicts the experience of Italian guest workers who were ‘invited’ by the German government in the 1950s and sixties to contribute with their labour force to the economic miracle. 

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